TeXnicCenter 2.0 Alpha 3

Written by Tino Weinkauf on . Posted in releases

We have released the third Alpha version of the new TeXnicCenter 2.0 development branch. You may download and install it alongside the stable TXC 1.0 (put it in a different directory).

This is an ALPHA version of the software. It is not stable, very likely to crash, and you may loose your data.

Having said that, the developers work with this version on a daily basis without too much trouble. It is designed to work alongside TeXnicCenter Version 1, i.e., you can have both installed in different directories.

We have fixed many issues since TXC 2.0 Alpha 2. Most noteworthy:

  • Added new logo from Lukas Schneider.
  • Reworked behavior of tool windows.
  • Navigator Views: No automatic horizontal scrolling
  • Navigator Views: Arrows are not faded in/out
  • Navigator Views: Double-click does not collapse/expand sections anymore, but still folders.
  • Show comments/descriptions in the AutoComplete Box. This includes the titles of bibtex entries.
  • Make the AutoComplete Box transparent when CTRL is pressed.
  • Implemented “Find next selected”, which allows to press Ctrl-F3 to search for the word under the cursor.
  • Re-implemented selection of brace blocks. It now works as expected and is able to grow the selection. Use Ctrl-M to try it out.
  • Added LuaLaTeX => PDF profile
  • Added multibib support
  • When going to a line, put it into display such that it is not directly at the borders.
  • Pressing ESC in the editor makes sure to close the Build Output window.
  • The instant advice is now hidden in more situations. Especially, it was still shown after pressing Enter. Furthermore, one can press ESC to close it.
  • Source links were missing in the DVI output
  • Fixed #2902456: Auto completion works on lines with non-ASCII characters now
  • SumatraPDF is now our default PDF viewer if it can be found on the system somewhere. This is regardless of the presence of Adobe Reader.
  • Fixed duplicated insertion of placeholders via the menu buttons.
  • Project save prompt is not shown anymore after opening the profile dialog
  • Chinese code page has been falsely rejected
  • Line numbers in the error view are shown only if they’re valid
  • Fixed #2895080: Inconsistent line endings
  • Fixed #2930701: LaTeX messages are parsed incorrectly
  • Added a context menu to the error view
  • Fixed #2928222: Russian capital T inserted quotes
  • Implemented #2927463: Activation of the last used tab
  • Multiple files can be opened at once
  • Bibliography file items in the structure view will display their labels
  • Added index and nomencl support
  • TXC did not recognize the last TxcResLanguage.dll in the language folder.
  • Re-enabled spell checking inside braces.
  • Put Make Upper/Lowercase into the edit menu.
  • Merged with Scintilla 2.10

If you are interested in helping us, contact the maintainer Tino Weinkauf.

Known Issues:

  • Replace in selection: selection shrinks. Be careful with that.
  • TXC 1 and TXC 2 may compete for the file associations *.tex and *.tcp.
  • Some toolbars re-appear after re-starting TXC.
  • The defaults are not very user-friendly. Toolbars, menu, shortcuts are all subject to change in the future.

Happy TeXing!

The TeXnicCenter Team